Modern Techniques: Siphon

A siphon, also called “whipped cream charger“, is a tool originally used to whip cream with a gas (N2O), and now employed in modern cuisine  to create different textures to surprise you.

How It All Began

Carl Pochtler, born in 1840, is officially recorded as being a turner and producer of surgical syringes and mechanical instruments in 1867. At this time he also begins producing siphons.
The “Chirurgische Spritzen-Sodawasser-Apparate und Syphon–Fabrik Carl Pochtler” [Surgical Syringes and Soda Water Machines and Siphon Factory Carl Pochtler] produces an extensive range of products. The company receives numerous awards at trade shows and world exhibitions.
In 1878, Carl Pochtler applies for his first patent (Pfropfenhahn).
In 1881, the company relocates to Kaiserstraße 87, in Vienna’s 7th municipal district. The company’s headquarters remain at this central location until 1975.

Ferran Adrià’s espuma cooking technique revolutionizes the use of iSi Whippers. 


In 1990, the company Heimsyphon (formerly Heimsyphon Karl Hinz, a subsidiary of BOC) is acquired. The industrial cylinder sector is expanded to form the second pillar of the company.
In 1994, the world’s largest high-tech filling center for chargers for iSi’s Culinary division is commissioned and a factory for cylinders for the Components sector is built at the Kürschnergasse site.
In 1995, iSi Airbag GmbH, cornerstone of the third business sector, iSi Automotive, is founded. In 2000, iSi Airbag GmbH relocates to the new site on Scheydgasse in Vienna, the current headquarters of iSi Automotive Austria GmbH and iSi Automotive Holding GmbH.

High-Tech Inside and Out

Thousands of iSi Whippers and Siphons are used in kitchens around the world every day. But what exactly goes on inside the bottles?

No Foam without Gas.

Nitrous oxide (N2O) generally dissolves much better in fat than in water meaning that liquids with a high fat content generate a much better foam in a whipper than low-fat liquids. However, fat-free liquids can be foamed using a binding agent. Originally cream whippers were developed for the production of whipped cream, which is an ideal liquid to aerate, due to its high fat content.

A Foam Takes Form…

In an iSi Whipper, soluble gas (usually nitrous oxide, also known as N2O, inside of the iSi Cream Chargers) is released into the liquid to be foamed with the help of pressure. The liquid is dispensed by this pressure in the whipper through the tip, causing the dissolved gas to expand and the liquid to foam — a delicious Espuma is created! The iSi Whippers are technically perfected and are suitable for the preparation of Espumas, finger food, warm and cold sauces, foamed creamy soups, as well as whipped cream and desserts. The whipper bottles and heads are made of high-quality stainless steel, perfectly tailored for professional use in gourmet kitchens worldwide.